Behind the Craft: A Day in the Life of a Permanent Jewelry Artist in Owasso, Oklahoma ESK eyelash extension products and supplies 9/17/23 2:31pm

Behind the Craft: A Day in the Life of a Permanent Jewelry Artist in Owasso, Oklahoma

Hey beauties! 💎✨ Welcome back to my Insta-blog! Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes of my life as a permanent jewelry artist right here in Owasso, Oklahoma. 💍💖 Get ready to dive into the glittering world of gemstones, creativity, and the hustle that goes into crafting timeless pieces.

Morning Routine - Rise and Shine! ☀️

Every day starts with a burst of inspiration as the sun rises over Owasso. I believe that the key to a productive day is a healthy morning routine, so I kick things off with some meditation and a hearty breakfast. A little zen and a whole lot of coffee fuel my creative juices!

The Studio - Where Magic Happens! 🎨

My studio is my sanctuary. Located right in the heart of Owasso, it's where I bring my artistic visions to life. The walls are adorned with sketches, inspiration boards, and, of course, some of my favorite creations. My jewelry-making journey began here, and I'm so grateful to call this space my creative home.

Designing Dreams - Sketching and Planning 💭

Before diving into my work, I spend some time sketching new jewelry designs. Owasso's natural beauty often finds its way into my pieces, with inspiration drawn from the picturesque landscapes that surround me. I find it incredibly important to fuse my work with the essence of the place I call home.

Craftsmanship - Bringing Ideas to Life 🔨

Now comes the fun part! Armed with precious gemstones and metals, I begin crafting each piece by hand. Every stroke of the hammer and every facet of the gemstone tells a story. Owasso's vibrant community and culture inspire my work, and I'm always looking for ways to incorporate elements that resonate with my fellow Oklahomans.

Customer Connections - A Heartfelt Touch 💞

In between crafting, I connect with my amazing customers. Owasso is filled with incredible individuals who appreciate the value of handcrafted jewelry. Whether it's through Instagram messages, emails, or phone calls, I love engaging with the community and ensuring that each piece is made with love and care.

Lunch Break - Savoring Local Flavors 🍔

No day in Owasso is complete without enjoying some local delicacies. I often take a lunch break at one of our charming downtown eateries, savoring delicious bites and supporting the community that has supported me throughout my journey.

Back to the Studio - Continuous Creation 🎉

After refueling, I dive back into the studio to finish up the day's work. Sometimes, I have the pleasure of hosting workshops for aspiring jewelry artists in Owasso, sharing my passion and knowledge with the next generation of creatives.

Sunset Reflection - Gratitude and Ambition 🌅

As the sun sets over Owasso, I take a moment to reflect on the day's accomplishments. The support of this community has been instrumental in my journey as a permanent jewelry artist. I'm constantly filled with gratitude for the opportunity to live and work in this wonderful city.

Evening Wind-Down - Owasso's Cozy Charm 🌙

In the evening, I wind down with a cozy cup of tea and some quality time with my family. Owasso's charm extends into the night, and there's something magical about its peaceful atmosphere that helps me rejuvenate for another day of creating beauty.

That's a day in the life of a permanent jewelry artist in Owasso, Oklahoma! Thank you for joining me on this journey. I'm beyond grateful to be part of this vibrant community, and I can't wait to see where my artistic endeavors take me next. Remember, beauties, your dreams can shine as bright as a diamond – all it takes is a little passion and a whole lot of heart. 💎💖✨

Stay fabulous, Owasso! 💋 #OwassoJewelryArtist #LifeInOwasso #CreativeDreams

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