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ESK must-have essentials for your lash extension studio!

Hey lash queens and kings! 💁‍♀️ Today, we're diving into the must-have essentials for your lash extension studio. You know, the things that keep your lash game strong! Here's what you need to stock up on to make your clients' lashes fabulous:

  1. Gel Eye Pads: These are a must for under-eye comfort and protection. Get the high-quality ones for a luxurious experience.

  2. Mascara Wands: Perfect for brushing and separating lashes. Make sure you've got a variety of wands to suit different client needs.

  3. Lash Extensions: Of course, you can't forget the stars of the show – your lash extensions! Stock up on different lengths, curls, and styles for endless creativity.

  4. Adhesives: A good adhesive is your lash bestie. Invest in a reliable one to keep those lashes securely in place.

  5. Tweezers: Precision is key in the lash world. Quality tweezers help you grab and place extensions with finesse.

  6. Cleansers: Keep your clients' lashes clean and healthy with lash-safe cleansers. Happy lashes mean happy clients!

  7. Lash Tapes: Essential for isolating lashes during the application process. Stock up on these to work efficiently.

  8. Lash Trays: Stay organized with trays to hold your lash extensions. It'll save you time during appointments.

  9. Aftercare Kits: Offer aftercare kits to your clients so they can maintain their lashes between appointments.

  10. Remember, quality matters in the lash world. Invest in top-notch products to elevate your artistry and keep those clients coming back for more. Let's slay those lashes! 🔥💕
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