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How To Choose the Right Eyelash Extension Training Program!

Hey glam squad! 💁‍♀️✨

Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? 🌟 If you've been swooning over those fluttery, fabulous eyelash extensions and dreaming of becoming a lash pro, then you're in the right place! Today, I'm spilling all the tea on how to choose the PERFECT eyelash extension training program! 🎓👀

#1: Certified and Accredited, Darling! 💯✨ First things first, lovelies – always go for a training program that's certified and accredited! 💪 You want to learn from the best of the best, so make sure the course is recognized and taught by lash gurus. Look for those sweet certifications from reputable organizations – it's the golden stamp of approval! 💖

#2: The Curriculum is EVERYTHING! 📚🔥 Check out the syllabus, babes! Make sure the program covers all the lash extension techniques, from classic to volume, mega volume, and everything in between! 🌈 You wanna be a lash wizard, right? So, keep an eye out for lessons on lash safety, hygiene, and lash mapping – trust me, it's all vital stuff! 🧐

#3: Student Reviews and Testimonials! 🗣️💕 Now, I wouldn't get my hair done without checking reviews, and the same goes for lash training! 🙅‍♀️ Take a little scroll and read what past students are saying. If they're raving about their experience, you know you're onto something special! 🌟

#4: Kits and Supplies, YES, PLEASE! 💄💋 Let's be real, beauties – you need the right tools for the job! Make sure the training program includes a bomb lash kit with top-notch supplies. You don't wanna get caught without the essentials, right? 🛍️

#5: Flexibility for Your Fierce Schedule! 🗓️💪 We're busy queens, and we've got lives to live! Look for a training program that offers flexibility – online options or in-person, whatever fits your lifestyle! You're a boss babe, and your lash journey should adapt to YOUR needs! 🌟

#6: Ongoing Support, because Slay Together! 🤗💖 Let's lift each other up, loves! Choose a training program that offers ongoing support and mentorship – you want a lash family, not just a one-time thing! Together, we rise! 🙌💕

#7: Show Me the Cert! 📜🏆 Finally, hun, after you've conquered the course, you want that sparkling certificate to show off your new lash superpowers! 🎓🌟 Display it proudly, and let the world know you're a certified lash QUEEN! 👑💁‍♀️

So there you have it, babes – my top tips for picking the ultimate eyelash extension training program! Now go forth and make those lashes LIFT and FLUTTER! 🦋💖

Remember, it's not just a career; it's an art form! Embrace the journey, keep slaying, and keep shining like the stars you are! 🌟✨

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