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ESK Lash Essentials

The Classic Kit

The Classic Kit

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Prepare to master the art of classic lash extensions with the Ultimate Classic Eyelash Extension Kit! 🌟✨ This complete kit is your secret weapon for creating stunning lash transformations. Let's dive into the treasure trove of lash goodies that await you:

🔥 **Precision Tweezers:** Our kit includes not one, but FOUR styles of precision tweezers! These are the tools that will take your lash application game to the next level. Perfectly crafted for every intricate move, ensuring flawless placement.

🌟 **Luscious Lashes:** We're giving you the lash variety you crave with 2 trays of C curl .15mm mixed lashes and 2 trays of D curl .15mm mixed lashes. Effortlessly create diverse lash looks, from natural elegance to bold drama, it's all at your fingertips.

💎 **Adhesive Excellence:** Say hello to the legendary OG Glue, the adhesive that guarantees unbreakable bonds and superior retention. It's the foundation of stunning, long-lasting lash sets.

💄 **Lash Prep Essentials:** We've got you covered with a 50-pack of mascara wands, glue rings, lipstick applicators, and gel pads. Create a perfect canvas for your lash artistry while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

🌹 **Lash Application Aids:** The kit includes 2 small lash tiles with lids for organized lash arrangement and easy access. And for those moments when adjustments are needed, the Cream Remover, Bonder, Primer, and Lash Shampoo are your go-to pals.

Ready to create lash magic? Grab the Ultimate Classic Eyelash Extension Kit from ESK Lash Essentials and transform every client into a lash queen. Unleash your creativity and let's keep those lashes stunning, one lash at a time! 💃💕 #ESKLashEssentials #ClassicLashKitMagic #MasterTheArt
Products in photo may vary. Please reference list below for accurate kit contents. 
  • 4 styles of tweezers 
  • 2 trays of C curl .15mm mixed lashes
  • 2 trays of D curl .15mm mixed lashes 
  • The OG glue 
  • 50 pack of mascara wands 
  • 50 pack of glue rings 
  • 50 pack of lipstick applicators 
  • 50 pack of gel pads 
  • 2 small lash tiles with lids 
  • Cream remover 
  • The bonder 
  • The primer 
  • The lash shampoo 
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