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ESK Lash Essentials

The Volume (CC Curl .03mm)

The Volume (CC Curl .03mm)

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ESK Lash Essentials .03mm Eyelash Extensions, the go-to choice for lash artists seeking to create stunning volume lash sets. Our eyelash extension supplies are specifically designed to enhance your artistry, making the process of creating full and voluminous lashes a breeze.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our .03mm Eyelash Extensions are a testament to our brand's commitment to excellence. Each lash is precisely manufactured to ensure consistent length and curl, allowing you to achieve flawless and captivating results with ease.

Key Features:

1. Volume Lash Mastery: Unlock your creative potential and master the art of volume lashes with ESK Lash Essentials .03mm Eyelash Extensions. These ultra-fine extensions are ideal for lash artists who desire to create lush and voluminous lash looks that will leave clients in awe.

2. Effortless Fanning: Our .03mm Eyelash Extensions are specially designed to be easy to fan, allowing you to create beautifully layered volume fans quickly and efficiently. Whether you prefer the hand-rolling technique or using tweezers, our extensions will cooperate, ensuring a seamless fanning process.

3. Beautifully Bold in Black: ESK Lash Essentials .03mm Eyelash Extensions come in a rich and intense black shade, adding depth and definition to the lashes. The captivating black color enhances the overall impact of the lashes, making them stand out beautifully against the eyes.

4. Premium Quality: We understand the importance of using high-quality eyelash extension supplies, and that's why our .03mm Eyelash Extensions are crafted using premium synthetic fibers. These lashes are lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear, offering clients a natural look and feel.

5. Endless Creativity: With ESK Lash Essentials .03mm Eyelash Extensions, your creative possibilities are limitless. Experiment with various lash lengths, styles, and techniques to craft unique lash looks that showcase your artistry and reflect your clients' individuality.

6. Professional-Grade Excellence: Our .03mm Eyelash Extensions are designed to meet the standards of professional lash artists. They offer superb adhesion, longevity, and retention, ensuring that your clients' voluminous lash sets stay intact for extended periods, providing them with long-lasting beauty.

ESK Lash Essentials .03mm Eyelash Extensions are the ultimate choice for lash artists seeking to create stunning volume lash sets. Elevate your lash artistry and indulge your clients with beautifully full, bold, and captivating lashes. Trust in our brand's commitment to providing high-quality eyelash extension supplies, and let your creativity soar to new heights.


** Because of recent branding change, packaging may say Flutter or ESK 


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